Bizzkit - freedom of choice in an e-commerce platform

For us in Sweden, the e-commerce platform Bizzkit is a new acquaintance to work with, but Danish Hesehus has delivered e-commerce solutions on the in-house developed Bizzkit platform since 2002.

Bizzkit's office

In 2018, the platform was introduced under the name Bizzkit and in the first international stage they established themselves in Sweden. The Swedish office is located in Gothenburg, not far from 3bits’ head office. In 2019, a partner agreement between Bizzkit and 3bits was signed as one of the first external solution partners outside Denmark. In Denmark, Hesehus continues to develop e-commerce solutions on the platform, in the same premises as Bizzkit runs the development on the platform. Today, Bizzkit is one of the 3 most used e-commerce platforms in Denmark with more than 100 customers in both B2B and B2C such as Fristads AB, Zizzi, Stoff & Stil, Assa Abloy, Fazer and Matas.

Integrated freedom of choice

Bizzkit has seamlessly linked PIM, DAM and CMS with an open API architecture to build headless e-commerce. At the same time, the core products have a coordinated roadmap that constantly ensures a comprehensive solution for users. The platform's API structure makes it easy to integrate with third-party modules such as search, payment, shipping and personalization solutions to customize the solution. With a flexible architecture, you can build your own unique features in addition to the standard functionality of the platform and integrate with others without affecting the central upgrade of the platform. At least four releases are planned each year for the platform to always be up-to-date and adapted to keep pace with the rapid development in e-commerce. It should not be a extensive project to upgrade to the next version.

When does this e-commerce platform fit

Because the platform is headless and has no ready-made site, it is well suited for larger projects. If you are looking for a completely unique solution in terms of design and function, it is appropriate to build on a headless and microservices architecture with a best of breed strategy. Bizzkit has a philosophy of not building things that can't really be generic in the platform in a really good way. This makes it preferable to build customer uniqueness on things that rarely become similar between different customers. You would rather see other parts of the organization's application flora being used and expose this as services to e-commerce. Examples of this may be inventory balance management, price calculations, customer data and other things that are often found in ERP or other existing systems.

"You had me at Headless"

A headless e-commerce platform is nothing new, but as customers' buying habits and customer journey change, the headless solution becomes more relevant. With the API structure that exchanges information between the backend platform and the customer-oriented part, the e-commerce solution is designed to be quickly scaled, adapted and expanded.

One of our Business Developers at 3bits said “You had me at Headless” when we started the collaboration with Bizzkit, we look forward to developing e-commerce solutions together in the future.