3bits for Musikhjälpen 2021

  23 Nov 2021

We at 3bits think that it is obvious that all children have the right to a safe childhood. Despite this, 160 million children in the world are currently being forced into child labor. Children's rights are violated when they are exposed to work that harms their development, is physically and mentally dangerous and prevents them from going to school. This means that children are not allowed to be children.

Musikhjälpen is a fundraising event that has existed in Sweden since 2008. One December week a year, Musikhjälpen broadcasts around the clock to, together with Radiohjälpen, draw attention and in various ways raise money for a human disaster. In Musikhjälpen, it is your music - and your commitment - that saves lives. Musikhjälpen 2021 will be broadcast 13 - 19 December from Gamla torget in Norrköping.

Through Musikhjälpen 2021, we together increase knowledge and commitment to a world without child labor, 3bit's collection box is open all December, thank you for participating.


3bits för Musikhjälpen