Do you need to get started quickly with e-commerce?

As more and more of us in Sweden are asked to avoid physical stores, the need to get started quickly with an e-commerce solution increases if you are not already there. Or it needs to be improved to grow with you.

The report E-barometern for Q3 shows an increase in e-commerce by 39% compared to last year, now that the trade festival is gaining momentum, it is expected to break all previous records this year. We see many innovative solutions from retailers to meet the changing customer behavior. We hope that more e-retailers will catch on to the trend of sending a wrapped package directly to the relative we may not be able to meet this year. Swedish consumers estimate that they will buy Christmas presents online for SEK 10.6 billion. You want to be a part of that sale. If you need to get started quickly with a solution, contact us and we will tell you more. In some cases, a functioning e-commerce does not need to be more than a few months away, so get started now.


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