Strategic workshop

All our projects start in a strategic workshop. During this workshop, we look at your requirements and needs. Based on the outcome of this workshop, we map functionality to our platforms and produce a net list of integrations and special functionality that must be adapted. We talk about shape and color, the customer journey and how to think user-friendly (UX). We also talk about what this means for your organization and how you should staff it.

Strategic workshop

Afterwards, we present our proposal for a solution. The fun begins now, you get a proposal based on the results we got during the workshop. We discuss sketches and ideas. Here you get an overview of the project and can make a correct decisions before we move on to the development phase.

Since 2008, we at 3bits have helped e-retailers to deliver successful solutions. Those who provide support for the solution have been involved throughout the development phase and contribute to being able to be a present partner with insight into the entire business. 3bits works with everything from the e-commerce business itself and its development to the technical implementation and management of solutions. In order to solve deliveries at a high pace, the collaboration has a high priority.

Long-term customer relationships are something that has been crucial to success. Doing it together is important to us, that we have a common goal going forward.

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