About us

3bits was founded in 2008 by three people who have worked with e-commerce since the late 90's. Now we are almost 40 people who together build e-commerce solutions. One of 3bits' strengths is that the development takes place in house in already welded teams at the offices in Gothenburg and Jönköping in Småland - something that is appreciated by both customers and employees. Those who provide support for the solution have been involved throughout the development phase and contribute to being able to be a present partner and experts with insight into the entire business. 3bits works with everything from the e-commerce business itself and its development to the technical implementation and management of solutions.

3bits' customers are active in various industries, both B2B and B2C, and of varying size and scope, but one thing is common. E-commerce must be accessible and easy to use to make customers 'and their customers' everyday lives easier. The solutions are tailored to suit the different activities. The long-term relationship with our customers has proven to be just as important as we thought. We have been entrusted with delivering various e-commerce solutions for many years to several of our successful customers.

We always talk about creating scalable e-commerce solutions to be prepared for e-commerce to grow and develop. It should not be a problem if you start getting many more orders, but an opportunity, says Stefan Winterlén, CEO.