About us

About 3bits

3bits was founded in 2008 by three persons with a clear vision how to run a company. With a distinct ambition to always look forward, never lose focus. And it has succeeded. Three is now 40 ten years later. The long-term relationships with our customers have proven to be just as important as we imagined. We have been trusted to deliver different e-commerce solutions for many years to several of our successful customers. To be reliable and serious, to always be available and flexible, because we know that the world around us changes. We are always looking for the future building bricks. So we are ready to offer our customers the e-commerce platforms we believe in. And we know that a key to success is that we all have passion for the same thing. That everyone is encouraged to learn new things, which is why continuous competence development is evident. For us, 3bits means Competence, Quality and Satisfied Customers, and we never forget that.

We have been profitable from the start, have the highest credit worthiness, and have been rewarded for our strong growth, which is something to be proud about. Technology never stops moving, we don’t either.