Thesis Work at 3bits with Opportunity to Employment

Since 2008, we at 3bits have helped e-retailers and companies to deliver successful solutions such as Mölnlycke Health Care, Ragn-Sells, Lindex and Unident. We are more than 30 people who together with our customers develop e-commerce solutions and user-friendly customer portals.

We are a technology-focused company that likes innovation with Hackathon Days and R&D thinking to continue to drive the development of e-commerce forward. We have co-workers who work as System Developers, Testers, Business Developers, and Solution Architects in teams who share their knowledge, and assist eachother. We work in-house at our office near the Central Station in Gothenburg, since we know that being close to your team is important both for efficiency and feeling connected.

We Offer Thesis Work with the Opportunity to Employment

We are now looking for thesis workers with the possibility of employment after graduation. If you have a project, tell us more about it. We have an exiting project in e-commerce and AI that we would like help with. If you want to be a part of this journey, and later continue it as a System Developer at 3bits, send your application to

Chatbot for e-retailers

During the last years, the use of messaging services as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack, Kik, Skype, and Telegram has increased exponentially. The fact is that the Internet users now spend more time in different messaging services than in for example social media.

For an e-retailer it is of course important to be present where the customers are. The messaging services differ from other channels quite radically, since the users expect a two way communication, and the possibility of personal guidance in different questions. A new thing in 2016 was that basically all of the large messaging services opened up for chatbots in their networks. This provides the e-retailers a unique possibility to always be present, and not only reach out with offers, but also getting to know their customers better. Companies like H&M and Sephora, have been early to launch bots that examines what the customers like, and from that present individual product recommendations.

At 3bits we work with several interesting companies, where we in earlier thesis works have come up with AI based methods for product recommendations, and classifications of customers from order and click history, and methods for classification and search for products with visual similarities. We are now interested in finding one or more thesis workers that want to further develop these methods, and the chatbot that is started in previous thesis works, to learn from the customers’ feedback, and adding value in more relevant product recommendations.