Shoptalk 2019 – Part 2

   24 Jun 2019

AI and Machine Learning was in focus during the conference Shoptalk in Las Vegas in March. Several are exploring the possibilities with the technologies, just as we have seen in e-commerce during a period. We have had thesis students from Chalmers at 3bits during the spring building a Chatbot to be able to deliver personal product recommendations.

A few examples were AI to personalize the customer experience. We were introduced to everything from tailoring mail campaigns to the customers personality to be given the possibility to upload a selfie and get recommendations on make up that is suited for you.

Model Images Without Models

Another exiting example was how to create digital copies of models to combine these with product images from mannequins. In this way, the production of product images can be more efficient, and you can with less effort produce images on different models for one product. Everything to make the customer find a product image that matches themselves.

Allure Systems harnesses advanced computer vision and virtualization to solve the challenge of cost-effectively producing diverse, inclusive, multi-angle on-figure fashion images for online retailers.

Working with studio images can be both expensive and time demanding. The result is that several e-retailers don’t focus on model images in the extent that they might want. Gabrielle Chou, CEO and Founder at Allure Systems also mentions that returns can decrease once given the possibility to see the product at a model and size resembling yourself before ordering.

Allure Systems

Visualize Furniture at Home

To get a sense of how furniture can fit at home can be difficult when you just can’t order and try it out home. It isn’t enough to just measure, and the variations are endless.

Modsy is a service to furnish a room from the customers wishes. The customer sends photos and measurements of the room. After that a style quiz is taken to find out more about needs, existing furniture and budget.

Modsys’ designers create two custom made designs of the room or rooms in 3D. The customer then works with the teams to fine tune the designs until they are just right. After that it is easy to shop the furniture with exclusive discounts.


Mobile Payments

Another topic that was discussed several times was mobile payments. In China for example, this is extremely common. Over 80 % of all payments are mobile. Even when Chinese are abroad, they prefer to pay with their mobile.

Alipay and WeChat Pay are the most important payment options if you want to reach Chinese customers. WeChat started as a messaging app, but now you can both surf the web, send messages and pay at the same place.