Efficient solution with less manual work for Mölnlycke

Mölnlycke Health Care uses their system Minerva to distribute and gather up to date product information from the entire company. Mölnlycke is a world-leading supplier of medical solutions and products that equips healthcare professionals to optimize patient care.

Mölnlycke has customers in almost 100 countries using their solutions, and own operations in more than 40 of them. Different healthcare professionals have different needs. By listening to the customers, solutions are created that are rights for them and for their patients, and that are supported by evidence.

Minerva helps to manage all product data from one place. The dynamic and user-friendly set-up is a time effective solution which allows delivering the right information at the right time. A great benefit is cross channel consistency.

Mölnlycke Minerva

Collected Information that is Current and Correct

The product information was previously entered manually in a CMS system where data was retrieved. The largest part of the information was only stored in the users e-mail inboxes or shared folders. It was hard to find the correct version and difficult to secure that it was approved accordingly to regulatory requirements.

The collected, searchable data Minerva provides is easier to use than former systems, which means that information is found more rapidly for marketing purposes and offers. One of the significant benefits with the new solution is that the internal sales organization at Mölnlycke can feel confident that the information in the system is current and correct.

- Minerva is a solution that is improved with less manual work, higher reliability and more efficient, which saves both time and money, says Thomas Osberg, Service Owner e-commerce at Mölnlycke.

Modern site with Elasticsearch

3bits has together with Mölnlycke developed Minerva to a modern site built on Episerver and Vue. The API based on the search engine Elasticsearch where Minerva retrieves its product information is a large part of the solution.

The users can select which products or assortment to export to a file or collect it to a PDF or Word document.

- Data is retrieved from underlying business support systems, is refined and finally exposed in Minerva. The system was developed during a short period of time and was quickly great use for the users, says Peter Söderbaum, Business Developer and Solution Architect at 3bits.

One Common Goal Ahead

Cooperation has high priority to manage deliveries with a high pace.

- Our 3bits contacts easily and quickly understand our customer needs and translate them into useful technical solutions, says Stina Johansson, PIM Business Specialist at Mölnlycke.

One of the success factors in the collaboration is a flexible way of work. To quickly regroup when changes are needed, and not hesitate to halt if something needs to be specified further.

- We work like a team, we really know that we have the same goal in mind. 3bits always delivers a little extra, great foresight, and extensive understanding of our business needs, says Thomas Osberg.

The solution is flexible and adds value not only for this project, but for all future interfaces which consumes product data through the API since it ensures that the information is always up to date.


Mölnlycke is a world-leading medical products and solutions company that equips healthcare professionals to achieve the best patient, clinical and economic outcomes. Mölnlycke has customers in almost 100 countries using their solutions, and they own operations in more than 40 countries. The headquarters is in Gothenburg.