Shorter time to market with higher quality

Everyone who has ever worked with product enrichment knows that it is an extensive job that must be done, texts must be written and translated, products must be photographed and much more. As it becomes increasingly important to quickly get new products to market, Gerdmans launched a project to reduce the time to market.


Gerdmans has over 16,000 products in its product catalog and it is continuously updated with many news in everything for offices, warehouses and industry. The range includes everything from office furniture to decorate your office to workshop furnishings for industry.

Inriver to manage product information

Gerdmans already uses inriver to manage their product information and when they add a new product with perhaps as many as 100 variants, the workflow looks something like this:

  • Create variants in Dynamics AX, these are then exported to inriver.
  • Create a product manually in inriver and manually connect variants to it.
  • Enrich variants via Excel import.

The texts are basically the same for all variants that belong to one and the same product and what differs is normally only the attributes of the variant such as color, size and material. For a product with many variants, it is a bit of a job to enter attribute values ​​in the texts and it is also easy for it to go wrong. If you then need to update a text, it must be done in all variants, either manually or via another Excel import.

The solution for a more efficient way of working

- As the solution to the problem, we at 3bits have created a new entity in inriver that works as a drawing for products and variants. In the template, we have defined a number of variables that exist for all products, such as product type and product name, says Peter Andersson, Business Developer at 3bits.

When writing the general texts in the template, you can refer to the variables above as well as to the variants' attributes and specification values. When the template is then saved, texts will be generated and copied to all linked products and variants. If any text needs to be changed, just change and save the template to update products and variants again.

In the solution, we also handle changes to individual variants, so if you, for example, entered the wrong color, which is an attribute value, on a variant, you just have to change it and save and then the variant texts are recreated with the new color. This is not only flexible but also quality-enhancing as it is easy to miss updating a changed attribute in all texts, says Johan Wiktorsson, Head Digital at Gerdmans.

In addition to texts, we also use the template to enrich the following:

  • Status - for example, setting the product to be published on the web.
  • Markets - for which markets the product is to be published.
  • Templates - fields and specification templates are specified in the template and copied to the variants.

We have also added a number of statuses to the template that Gerdmans will use to move the product forward in the enrichment process, such as sending notification to translators that a product is ready for translation when the Swedish texts are ready and approved.

The development we have done together with 3bits for more efficient product enrichment will shorten time to market significantly and also with increased quality, Johan Wiktorsson at Gerdmans concludes.


Gerdmans has everything for offices, warehouses and industry. With over 16,000 articles in their product range, there is a lot to choose from, you can find everything from office furniture to decorating your office to the workshop storage for the industry. With professional advice, free shipping with fast deliveries, a minimum warranty of 7 years on all items and assembly assistance, Gerdmans is a comprehensive supplier for all types of companies.