Simple stock replenishment with QR codes for Unident's dental clinics with app

Unident is one of Sweden's largest dental wholesalers and provides everything you can find at your dentist, from toothpicks to X-ray machines. Every dental clinic has a stock of often 50 to 200 different consumables. These products must always be available with a given minimum number on the stock shelf. Ordering new products therefore needs to be as simple and painless as possible for the staff.

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Until now, it has been a time-consuming process to see what needs to be replenished in the warehouse and then search for these items in the web shop. Unident therefore turned to 3bits, who delivers the web shop, to develop an app that scans the goods into the cart in the online shop via QR codes, directly from the warehouse.

A QR code is easily printed from the product page on a dedicated label printer. The QR code contains the article number and a preselected order quantity that the clinic itself determines. There is an option to choose a custom product name on the label and minimum stocking quantity. The label is then pasted on the shelf edge of the warehouse next to the respective product.

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App with a focus on usability

Unident helps its customers set up their inventory with QR codes and provides both a label printer and an Android mobile phone with a pre-installed app. The app is also available to install from Google Play.

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The staff at the dental clinic log into the app with the same account they have at and then scan the QR code in the warehouse and put the product in the shopping cart. The shopping cart you see in the app is the same shopping cart you have in the web shop. Checkout takes place on the web as usual, but in the shopping cart you can clearly see that the product has been added from the app.

The focus has been on usability and simplicity and contains only 4 views.

  • QR scanner
  • Product detail
  • Account page
  • Shopping cart
The app has been tested in a number of clinics and has received a warm reception. Unlike some other technical initiatives where it can be difficult to get users started, the app has been received with open arms, says Joel Törnqvist, CTO at Unident.

New function for flexible inventory

Shortly after the app was launched, an additional order for an inventory function came in. Stocktaking is usually done once a year and consists of calculating the stock value before the company's annual report. The QR scanner got a new inventory mode and instead of adding products to the cart, you now add them to an inventory. Scan, count the number in the warehouse box, done! The app helps to keep track of what you have already inventoried so it should be easy to pick up where you left off last time.

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When the inventory is complete, a report is sent in the form of an Excel file with the current inventory value. Since the QR code contains a target value of the inventory balance, you can easily fill up all shortages with a single click. A good deal for Unident and easy for the staff at the clinic. The app also supports several parallel inventories as it is common in larger clinics for the same products to be found in different warehouses.

This is Unident's first step with an app, but there is no shortage of ideas for new features going forward. With the QR technology in place, it is easy and cheap to apply new areas of use.