Live seminar Sep 30 Bizzkit and 3bits present 3bits Blueprint - the foundation for lightning fast and modern e-commerce

   30 Sep 2021

On September 30, we look forward to seeing you for a live seminar in 3bits' office at Lilla Bommen in Gothenburg at 8-9 CET. For those of you who do not have the opportunity to participate on site, there is also the opportunity to participate in the webcast. We start with breakfast at 8 and start the seminar at 8:15. We round off with a question and answer session until 9. We kick off the autumn by showing the possibilities of getting started quickly with an e-commerce site.

Never before has lightning-fast performance and scalability been as important as now, e-commerce has matured and customers demand faster, smarter and more modern solutions. Speed ​​has become a must to rank among the search engines.

We at 3bits have developed a solution for you who want lightning-fast performance and a modern site to start from when you lay the foundation for your e-commerce investment. 3bits Blueprint not only provides superior performance and user experience but also cuts project time and cost compared to a traditional e-commerce project.

3bits Blueprint is prepared for the e-commerce platform Bizzkit which is also on site during the seminar to show the benefits of building headless e-commerce. Bizzkit is used by major brands such as Fristads AB, Zizzi and Fazer.

If you do not want to wait until September 30, but want a demo of the solution before that, contact us and we will book a meeting and show you more. Otherwise, we look forward to finally seeing each other again and showing what we have done together.

Registration for the live seminar September 30

Register your e-mail address and do not forget to fill in if you want to come to 3bits office in Gothenburg to see the seminar, or if you would rather see it via a link.