D-Congress 2021

On 28 October 2021, the entire Swedish ecosystem in digital commerce can finally meet again physically at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg to network and take part in the latest insights in e-commerce at D-Congress.

Keynotes to look forward to include Kate Ancketill who is one of the leading speakers in trends and retail and Rachel Botsman who is a leading expert on trust in a digital world. There will also be an exciting panel discussion on the future of online pharmacies with Pär Svärdsson (Apotea), Björn Thunberg (Meds) and Gustav Hasselgren (Apohem). And a session on digital food trade led by Jonas Arnberg (HUI Research) that you absolutely do not want to miss.

The entire D-Congress team work intensively to be able to implement a D-Congress event that is at least as good as a normal year. D-Congress' great strength is the physical meeting, but it will also be possible to follow D-Congress digitally for those who do not get a place or can come to Gothenburg.

In order not to get too crowded, the number of tickets is limited, so secure your place now. See you soon live at the Swedish Exhibition Center.