Marketing Manager Congress 2021

   19 Oct 2021

On October 19, it's time for the Marketing Manager Congress (Marknadschefskongressen) 2021 in Sweden. 3bits is a Partner and looks forward to a program with inspiration, knowledge and networking for everyone in marketing and communication. After that, the event will be open on demand for another 30 days. This means that you can come back and see lots of filmed lectures when you have time.

Among the speakers we find Göran Adlén who will offer trend research for 2022 and Lottie Knutson who will talk about travels and meetings after Covid.

Stefan and Niklas at 3bits will talk about what is required for future e-commerce. They share what to have in mind to avoid getting stuck in a solution that does not work for the business to grow in. All to be prepared when e-commerce continues to grow.

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Marknadschefskongressen 2021