Pre D-Congress 2021

   11 Mar 2021

On March 11, we had hoped to meet at D-Congress at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg. Now it is not possible, but D-Congress is planned for October 28. Instead, we warm up with the live broadcast Pre D-Congress on March 11, which is broadcast digitally between 9-12.

Pre D-Congress 2021

At Pre D-Congress, Swedish Digital Trade and Swedish Trade, together with some of the leading players from trade in Sweden, offer insights and knowledge of how we create a common agenda for growth and sustainable innovation.

Digital first - a common agenda for growth and sustainable innovation
Discussions about how trade in Sweden coped with the Corona pandemic and how we consolidate and develop a world-class sustainable and innovative trade.

Collaborations that shape the sustainable and innovative trade of the future
Four of Sweden's leading suppliers of e-commerce present customer solutions that take digital commerce in Sweden to new levels.

Trust - the key to growth in a world of uncertainty
Discussion on how to navigate in times of uncertainty and what strategies can be used to create and develop trust in relationships with their customers.

As a partner, 3bits has the opportunity to offer our customers free tickets to Pre D-Congress. Contact your 3bits contact person and we will send the link to register for the live broadcast.

Read more about what is happening at Pre D-Congress.

Pre D-Congress 2021