3bits opens office in Jönköping

  07 Oct 2019

3bits continues to grow both at the head office in Gothenburg, and now also with an office in Jönköping in the beginning of November.

3bits was founded in 2008, now with more than 40 co-workers who together with the customers develop e-commerce solutions.

3bits Jönköping

Niklas Larsson will work as Business Developer in e-commerce and Team Manager, and will be given resources to build a new development team in Jönköping. He comes from Science Park in Jönköping where he has worked as a Business Developer in e-commerce. Previously, Niklas has been E-commerce Manager at Scandinavian Photo.

- After over 20 years in e-commerce, I still find it as fascinating. To have the opportunity to work together with others with a passion for the possibilities of e-commerce, is something I look forward to, says Niklas Larsson.

- It will be exiting to build our sixth team based in Jönköping, and we feel great confident with Niklas, who we have collaborated with before. That we have chosen to open our second office in Jönköping is because we see that the potential is large in an expansive region in e-commerce and logistics. We have already customers in the region, and we see possibilities to create new customer relationships by our presence in Jönköping. We aim for continued growth, and creating work opportunities together, says Stefan Winterlén, CEO at 3bits.

In Gothenburg at the office close to the Central station is also room for more co-workers where another team is starting to grow. At 3bits System Developers, Test and Technical Support, Business Developers, and Solution Architects work in teams together to continue to drive the development of e-commerce forward.