Unident's app provides easy stock replenishment and inventory with QR codes

Unident turned to 3bits to develop an app that, via QR codes, scans the products into the web store shopping cart, directly from the warehouse at the dental clinics. Until now, it has been a time-consuming process to see what needs to be restocked and then look up those items online. It is also possible to take inventory easily via the app.

Unident FLOW

Unident is one of Sweden's largest dental wholesalers and provides everything you can find at your dentist, from toothpicks to X-ray machines. Every dental clinic has a stock of often 50 to 200 different consumables. These products must always be available with a given minimum number on the stock shelf. Ordering new products therefore needs to be as simple and painless as possible for the staff.

Read the entire case study about the smooth functions of the app and the warm reception by the users.

This is Unident's first step with an app, but there is no shortage of ideas for new features going forward. With the QR technology in place, it is easy and cheap to apply new areas of use.