Bizzkit is a complete e-commerce platform that has been developed and used for more than 17 years by major brands such as Fristads AB, Zizzi and Fazer.

The platform includes PIM, DAM, CMS and a powerful ecosystem as well as an architecture that offers full freedom to customize the solution.


PIM First Approach ​​​​​​​– What and why?

The use of PIM systems is changing. They are no longer just systems for storing data. They are systems that can do so much more. They have enormous potential both for creating internal structure and for achieving shorter time-to-market and increased sales. Therefore, they are being used and accessed by an increasing number of different roles – and for more and more purposes. As a result, they have been given a clear and central role in creating a scalable e-commerce solution. This means that people have started to talk about a PIM First Approach, but what does this mean – and what advantages does this offer?

First Approach covers what the heart of the business is. Which system is the most central? In the past, the ERP system has often been the core of the business. When the ERP system is first, it is easy to manage invoicing, payments and inventory. These are core tasks in every company and therefore make good sense as a basis for your IT solutions. There is just one problem with this. The product comes before sales. There has to be something to buy before you can send an invoice. Therefore, ERP systems also include some layer of product management, but this is not sufficient for a modern e-commerce solution that must be able to handle many markets and channels both online and offline. It is only possible to handle the complexity of product data optimally with a PIM system. And since the product comes before the sale, it makes sense to start with the product. This may sound like a change in IT architecture, but this isn't necessarily the case. It is more a change in the perception of your business. What is your approach? What type of service do you offer? What value do you want to give customers first and foremost?

Choose a PIM First Approach because the market changes. And it does this all the time. Consider, for instance, how big live shopping was before the coronavirus pandemic compared to now. There are new sales channels and new business opportunities emerging all the time. A PIM system is ready to sell your products with rock-solid data regardless of where, how and what new opportunities emerge tomorrow. Because it provides new tools for employees across the organisation. It can become an indispensable tool for your sales and marketing team and make everyday life easier for your product and e-commerce teams. A PIM First Approach ensures better collaboration opportunities, division of responsibilities and better time-to-market. We are constantly developing Bizzkit PIM so that it becomes easier to collaborate in, making it easier to integrate and allowing it to make you more efficient. Read more about Bizzkit PIM and First Approach.

Bizzkit - freedom of choice in an e-commerce platform

For us in Sweden, the e-commerce platform Bizzkit is a new acquaintance to work with, but Danish Hesehus has delivered e-commerce solutions on the in-house developed Bizzkit platform since 2002. Bizzkit has seamlessly linked PIM, DAM and CMS with an open API architecture to build headless e-commerce.

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