3bits Flow - a complete e-commerce solution

Getting started with your e-commerce quickly and in a controlled manner can be the difference between succeeding and not doing it. With 3bits Flow it is faster to get started and we offer a lot of help along the way. We can offer a complete e-commerce solution based on the best-of-breed strategy that best suits your company, regardless of whether you sell to consumers (B2C) or to companies (B2B).

3bits Flow is a One-Stop-Shop concept where we take a holistic approach to get started or improve your digital business. The concept includes a complete e-commerce where we help all the way, from A to Z. We start by listening to your business strategy during a strategic workshop and prestudy, then it rolls on with design concepts and UX in focus to integrate the business-critical systems around which your business is built. During the project, you get to be involved and see when the system is built up to be able to be involved and influence the end result before the launch. Those who provide support for the solution have been involved throughout the development phase and contribute to being able to be a present partner with insight into the entire business. We build scalable solutions so that they can easily grow when the business changes.

We can also help you with your thoughts about digital commerce, issues that we work with can be what it means for the organization to be an e-retailer, how to handle content and how to relate to search engines and advertising sites to drive traffic to the site.

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A platform to build on

Based on a basic site built on modern platforms such as Litium, Bizzkit or nopCommerce, we adapt the e-commerce solution to your requirements and your design concepts / graphic profile. We will decide which platform suits you best together during our strategic workshop. We build both solutions that are cloud-based and on-prem.

By choosing a safe and well-proven basic platform, we can simplify a project both in development time and complexity - which will be cost-effective and significantly faster to get started with than starting from scratch. You get started on a platform that you can grow with both in terms of functions and customization options with high security and fast performance. You get a really good foundation to build on in the future.

We are happy to build a complete solution with the help of the best-of-breed strategy to find the systems and functions that are best for you. We have many building blocks in our toolbox such as Elasticsearch for search solutions and inRiver for PIM solutions. You get a customized solution for your e-commerce.

Standard functions such as customer registration, shopping cart, product data management, campaign management and order management are already in place and we can focus on your business model and adaptations to meet your requirements and needs.
We do not leave any projects without a expressed support solution, which gives your organization the help you need for the issues that arise along the way.

We think an agile way of working is the best in a web project that spans a lot of functions and then hourly ongoing billing is often efficient and good. But with 3bits Flow, we can together quite quickly arrive at changes and any obstacles we see, and divide the project into smaller parts. Therefore, we can offer an e-commerce solution at either current account or at a packaged fixed price, where you can see the cost directly.

We are with you throughout the e-commerce project

This is 3bits Flow, together we embark on a fun journey that we have made with several of our customers since 2008. 3bits works with everything from the e-commerce business itself and its development to the technical implementation and management of solutions. In order to solve deliveries at a high pace, the collaboration has a high priority.

Long-term customer relationships are something that has been crucial to success. Doing it together is important to us, that we have a common goal going forward.

We at 3bits help large and smaller e-retailers to deliver at the forefront, we can do that because we are genuinely interested in the entire e-commerce business and by offering technology and support at the top. We understand what is required of your organization.

Be prepared as e-commerce grows

Get help to improve your e-commerce - contact us and we will tell you more about our complete e-commerce solution.

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