PIM, Product Information Management, can easily be described as a system with efficient processes to easily handle information about products. The focus is on being able to market and sell the products with the same conditions in all current sales channels with consistent product information. Something that becomes more important as the number of channels increases.

Sell more products

With a good PIM solution, you can handle product information in a central system in an efficient way and can ensure high quality information. Regardless of channel or market, you can get an overview and manage the information that helps to sell your products. If you can offer more and relevant product information than the competitors, the chances increase that you will finally receive the order. From the business system often comes limited product information that needs to be enriched with selling images and text. It's also easy to add relationships to other products to create additional sales and display accessories, or perhaps alternative products. When everything is now more and more about omnichannel, it is also important to be able to meet the customer regardless of channel with access to the same product information.

More efficient solution with better quality

If you are several who work with the product information, and receive information from different sources, it is easier to handle in one and the same system with all master data. To really be able to trust the information that is displayed. The work processes will be more efficient and the quality better when a holistic approach is taken to the product information. In some cases, it will be possible to work in parallel, which means that the products can be published more quickly to the market.

Catalogs and manuals

If you need a catalog or manual, make sure you find a PIM solution that makes it possible to create catalogs and product sheets based on the information already in the PIM system.

We have many years of experience in e-commerce and product information management and can help find a suitable PIM system for your business.

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Efficient Solution with less Manual Work

Mölnlycke's system Minerva helps to manage all product data from one place. The dynamic and user-friendly set-up is a time effective solution which allows delivering the right information at the right time. A great benefit is cross channel consistency.

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inriver helps organizations sell more products through better product information. The PIM (Product Information Management) solution enables better customer experiences for branded goods manufacturers, industrial manufacturers and retailers to quickly and easily sell their products and solutions across all channels or markets.

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