Site Analysis

Perhaps you don’t have time or possibility to review your site regularly? 3bits can offer our customers a site analysis to review how your site could be even better. Anything from a basic SEO review to a more in-depth word analysis. We also look at functions, design, content, social media, and give tips on trends and inspiration from the e-commerce world.

3bits site analysis

The analysis results in a report with the interval and extent you prefer; every month, quarter, half-year, or year. Perhaps you would like an Extended report every six months, and a Light report the other 10 months.

The report is then a base for continuously improvement work, we give suggestions for improvement areas, changes of SEO, and ideas for future function, for how we can continue working together to further develop the site.

The Light Version

In the Light version, a basic review of the site is included of design and how user-friendly it is. We also look at your use of social media, and give different tips and suggestions on how it can be even better. Another part of the report is trends and inspiration where we give different tips on trends and functions that we find interesting right now. We also provide a light review of SEO and content at the site.

If you are interested in a more in-depth analysis of search engine optimization, we recommend the Extended version.

The Extended Version

In the Extended version, the same content is included as in the Light version, but also a more in-depth analysis of the parts as well as an extended search word analysis, where we can help with possible search words, and analyse existing words and phrases with different tools. Perhaps there are areas and expressions that you don’t use today that can help you reach potential customers. It is also useful to see how well the words work. We identify pages with SEO improvements, where we can suggest SEO adjustments for example for description and key words. There is a lot that can be done from a SEO perspective with a relative small effort if you just know exactly what to do.


Contact us to order the site analysis today. This is a service that we offer to our existing customers. We are always flexible in both extent and content that is suitable for you.