Since e-commerce always is a very critical business for our customers, we have built a support organization that can manage all support, within scope of our deliverables, which our customers need help with. It is also the same support organization that is responsible for our internal tests of the systems we develop. In this way we create a natural competence development to our support about the system and new solutions. It is also our support organization that is responsible for launching new systems and new versions of these.

One of 3bits' strengths is that the development takes place in house in already welded teams in the office in Gothenburg - something that is appreciated by both customers and employees. Those who provide support for the solution have been involved throughout the development phase and contribute to being able to be a present partner with insight into the entire business.

It should be easy to get support from 3bits. We are all located at the office and are available both via mail and telephone, and we use a support ticket system to assist our customers fast and easily.

3bits support