Day of e-commerce – Magentodagen 2016

   04 Feb 2016

On January 28 it was time for a Day of e-commerce in Gothenburg, Webbhuset hosted Magentodagen 2016 at Hotel Post. An interesting day with inspiring speakers in different areas.


Digital Marketing

Robbin Pettersson at Teveo talked about concrete tips and effects regarding digital marketing. It is possible to create a tailored video with visited products today. For example if an e-retailer sells glasses. The price for adwords is relatively high for glasses today. The customer enters the web shop and checks out a pair of glasses, but doesn’t complete the order then and there. Today it is quite common that ads start popping up here and there for the customer after the visit at the site. If the customer doesn’t use ad blocks. Later in the evening the customer watches YouTube, perhaps a clip of cats as many others. Instead of showing a commercial with Swedish ICA-Stig, a commercial with glasses the customer looked at earlier appears. The video uses a framework and data saved in the cookie the customer got earlier in the glasses store. Instead of the ordinary ads, the customer have possibility seen a tailored commercial.

Conversion Focused Design

Kim Dahlroth at Conversionista talked a lot about the importance of a search function for e-retailers. By making it more visible or moving the search box on a site, you can easily increase the conversion. A search box that is hardly visible can make it harder for the customers to find what they really want. Kim’s tests show that by just moving the search box to the middle of the page and making it more visible, the conversion rate can go up. A good example that he points out is Adlibris.


Kim also talked about the importance of making A/B tests. Take a few minutes to read the previous article by my colleague who mentioned the topic to base decisions on data and not gut.

He wrapped up with the suggestion to e-retailers to make good and relevant tests if you have enough data.

Trends and news in e-commerce

Patrik Müller at DIBS who also was the moderator, talked about news and trends in e-commerce. DIBS sees that the number of electronic transactions grow rapidly, and predicts further increase in e-commerce. Payment solutions as Swish, MasterPass, and ApplePay will in different ways make it easier for customers to shop with their mobile units. MasterPass is introduced in the Swedish market, and it is possible today to use ApplePay in Sweden with cards from US or UK. Swish for e-commerce is rolled out for the pilot customers in Sweden and reach almost 4 million users in Sweden.

Patrik finish with the statement that it is all about understand and embrace the change. The world will keep changing, with or without you, and I must agree with that.

Optimize the Check out

Anton Ijäs, UX designer at Klarna, talked about the importance of a good and well-designed check out. He saw a challenge today where several e-retailers build a check out that is more complex than necessary for the customer. It is important to keep it as clean as possible and minimize the distractions for the customer. Build the check out for the majority of your customers, for example:

  • If 80 % of the customer want to have their order delivered as a parcel to the service point, make this delivery option pre-selected from the start.
  • If the majority of the customers normally pays with card instead of invoice, make it the standard choice, and let other customers select an alternative payment method that suits them.
  • More sales – perhaps it can be available on the page before check out? Alternatively after the order is processed.

Klarna direkt is now launched, giving the customer the possibility to pay the order direct with Mobilt BankID in Klarnas check out. Another service making payments as fast and flexible for the customers.

The History of NA-KD

The entrepreneur Jarno Vanahaptio, founder of NA-KD,, and Zoozoo, talked about the importance of understanding the new generation. According to Jarno, kids have a span of attention of 8-10 seconds. They don’t communicate with text as much as moving media, for example Snapchat. They don’t scroll, they swipe instead. The buy by recommendation and authenticity, it should be real. And the but clothes from Koreas, as if it was no difference from anything else.

Jarno continued talking about the importance of competing on the global market, in Sweden we have about 9.8 million citizens, and in the Nordics about 27 million. The Nordic market is relatively small, compared to for example northern Europe.

As an e-retailer today it is hard to compete with price. There is often another global actor making it cheaper and better. If you on the other hand have a niche product, it is easier to act on your local market. To compete with Amazon, Ebay and others today, Jarno says we have to work more with Marketplaces, which he thinks is a winning concept for e-retailers in the future.

Mobile Commerce

In DIBS’ yearly report Svensk e-handel 2015 (Swedish e-commerce 2015 in Swedish), we could read that the number of people who shopped with a mobile unit increased from 16 to 42 % during the past three years, the mobile commerce grows rapidly. In the Swedish report e-barometern for Q3 2015, 2 of 3 reported using a mobile unit for some part of the process. Visiting a store and checking a product online isn’t unusual, perhaps you even end up ordering the product then and there. Having a web shop that isn’t adapted for mobiles isn’t an option. There is nothing that says that this number will not be even higher in the report next year.

Björn Kämpe