Webinar - E-commerce in Corona times

   15 Jun 2020

Bizzkit and 3bits invite to a webinar on Monday, June 15 at 1 pm with focus on e-commerce in Corona times.

Lars Hedal, CEO at Bizzkit, will begin by presenting how Denmark's third largest online store, Matas, grew 300% during the initial Corona crisis by accellerating e-commerce innovation. Stefan Winterlén, CEO at 3bits, will share e-commerce trends in Sweden in this rapid development going forward. E-commerce has taken a big step forward as we change our movement patterns during the Corona pandemic. We see new solutions and behaviors that are likely to continue even when we return to a more normal everyday life.

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Webbinarie - E-handel i Coronatider

Lars Hedal
CEO, Bizzkit
If you have any questions before, during or after the webinar please contact Lars Hedal at hedal@bizzkit.com



Stefan Winterlén
CEO, 3bits
If you want to contact Stefan directly you can reach him at stefan.winterlen@3bits.se



Magnus Hansen
Do you have any problems with sound or picture?
Please send a mail to Magnus at mgh@fdih.dk