Partner Day at Litium

  12 May 2015

On April 28, 3bits attended the partner day at Litium, where we were informed about the release of Accelerator 4 and upcoming Litium 5 and 6. The focus is on better customer experience and completely rewritten code.

Litium Partner Day

There will be a new start page with modern design and flexible content. The start page is set up with different content sections that can change order with drag and drop. Most pages have a modern design, especially the product detail pages that have a clearer presentation and better look. There are also new flexible ways to work with the top menu and better management and navigation of brands. There is a possibility to give product groups, product list pages, and brand pages an own “start page” with inspirational images, banners, and product suggestions.

There has been a refactoring of the entire Accelerator code to optimize the performance. Litium has selected Foundation as responsive framework since they keep up a high development pace with the new functions and technology that a modern web site needs.

We look forward to an interesting year together with Litium!