Sanity is a modern headless CMS (Content Management System). Sanity uses structured content to endlessly re-use content across any channel and a composable approach to help businesses connect to any third-party technology, data source, and front end framework.

With Sanity you can manage your text, images, and other media with APIs. You can also use the open-source single page application Sanity Studio to quickly set up an editing environment that you can customize.

  • Sanity has a real-time datastore for structured content, and supporting APIs for assets, user management, and more.
  • Sanity Studio is a user interface for managing content. It's an open-source React Single Page Application that you can customize and host wherever you want.
  • There are also SDKs, libraries, and tools that let you query your content and integrate it with websites, services, and other applications; wherever you need content.

Sanity Studio provides content creators with tailored editing interfaces that match the unique ways content drives your business. Built as open-source, the Studio acts as a central hub for content creation and operations for your composable business.

  • Deeply customizable content workspaces.
  • Real-time collaboration and field-level history.
  • Intelligent image cropping and scaling.