To be able to handle large amounts of information where several people are involved in different processes, it is important to have a system that supports the work in everyday life and facilitates collaboration. A DAM - Digital Asset Management, will help you to be able to store, share and organize digital assets for the entire company in an efficient way.


Differences between DAM and PIM

A PIM also handles information, but with more focus on products. It can be anything from product information and descriptions, product images and manuals.

A DAM takes a more holistic approach to all the business's digital assets and has not only focus on products, it can also contain PDF files, icons, logos, fonts, photos and press images, advertising, video, banners, infographics, and other digital material that the organization handles.

Up-to-date information

By using a DAM, you get a central place where up-to-date information can be found instead of being scattered in different places. Ads, templates, images, and texts can be easily reused and make it easier for those who publish. Tags, attribute editing and metadata can also be handled here. It is also easy to share the material, both internally and externally.

Simplify and streamline

Publishing is facilitated with a DAM system and the information becomes searchable and collected in a scalable platform. It will be easy to both update and add new files in the digital environment. It is also possible to control the rights of different users.

Increased use of visual information gives rise to simplified handling of all digital material in an efficient manner. AI and Machine Learning are used to develop systems to recognize images better and advanced searches for easier finding.

We at 3bits integrate the DAM solution with the company's other systems such as CMS, business systems and web shops and help our customers get structure and facilitate their work with digital information.


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