Is your web store growing out of its e-commerce solution? Are you curious about how it could be optimized? Or do you have an existing business which is ready to go digital?

3bits delivers solutions for everything from web to logistics for e-commerce. E-commerce is so much more than just the web store, we have personnel who have extensive experience in the backend systems. You need to focus on the entire process to succeed. And never forget to have in mind that your solution will grow.

You need to invest in the e-commerce solution to increase profit; both time, spirit and money. Never lean backward. Venture.

We have customers in several segments, and are used to the different angles. There is a lot of talk now that B2B companies with no digital commerce really need to get in to it. Several of your competitors are already there. The market is huge, and the companies that want to shop online are often used to it as consumers, which are different demands. They know how they want to shop. And they want to do it when it suits them.

Reports show that e-consumers in Sweden puts in an average of 1.5 orders per month, the potential for B2C companies is still huge. New technology and new possibilities to make the shopping experience even smoother for the customer is always arising. And that is something everyone wants. It has never been more important to have satisfied customers, even if you can’t look the customer in the eye, because the next shop is just a click away. You never have a second chance to make a first impression.

3bits Blueprint

The foundation for lightning-fast and modern e-commerce - 3bits Blueprint

We at 3bits have developed a solution for you who want lightning-fast performance and a modern site to start from when you lay the foundation for your e-commerce investment. If you want to get started quickly, 3bits Blueprint is the solution for you.

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3bits Flow

3bits Flow - a complete e-commerce solution

3bits Flow is a One-Stop-Shop concept where we take a holistic approach to get started or improve your digital business. The concept includes a complete e-commerce where we help all the way, from A to Z.

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Customer portals

Customer portals

We at 3bits have extensive experience of developing customer portals for our customers. At a time when more and more digitalization is taking place, customer portals in various forms are appearing in more and more areas. They also become more functional. Often a customer portal is a web-based solution where customers can log in to access information and be able to perform some tasks that customer service otherwise needs to help with.

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E-commerce at a fixed monthly cost

E-commerce at a fixed monthly cost

We have developed an arrangement where we can offer a fully customized and integrated e-commerce solution based on Litium, Bizzkit or nopCommerce at a fixed rental cost per month. In this arrangement, you rent the solution for a 3-year agreement and the price includes the entire basic project, ongoing fixes and adjustments for, for example, new browser requirements or legal requirements.

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