3bits cooperates with Wasa Kredit

We can now offer all 3bits’ projects for e-commerce and customer portals at a monthly cost. With Wasa Kredit software financing, you get access to the latest solutions while preserving your liquidity. You can easily spread the costs over time.

3bits Blueprint Customer portal - a unique and modern customer portal at a fixed price

We can now offer a modern customer portal that is fully owned and controlled by you as the customer at an attractive fixed price. We have no monthly or per user license fees. Customization of color, form, fields and business settings is included so that the customer portal suits your business. We deliver a safe and reliable project - you get a fully functional customer portal with many smart functions.

3bits Gold partner at D-Congress 2024

On March 6-7, 3,000 in the trade meet again at the Swedish Trade Fair for D-Congress. New for this year is that the speaker program on the first day in the Congress Hall is being expanded with another stage. On Thursday, the exhibition opens with over 100 exhibitors on site and 7 stages with speakers in various areas of e-commerce. The main theme of D-Congress 2024 is Innovation for Impact.

Thank you for a great collaboration in 2023

This year has gone by fast and we look forward to showing you some of the projects we are working on now and will start working on in 2024. These are both new clients and clients we have worked with for many years. We are happy to continue working with platforms and partners which we have long experience with and we have also been introduced to new exciting platforms and partners.

HUI's Christmas shopping forecast 2023

We are seeing an increase in visits to 3bits’ load test pages ahead of Black Friday and Christmas shopping where many retailers are planning for the big shopping holiday. In HUI's report for the Christmas shopping in 2023 in Sweden, a forecast is given that the reduction will be 3% compared to the previous year. However, households' consumption space has decreased more, so the expectation is that Christmas purchases will be prioritized, but that they will be planned more and purchased at a lower price.

Platform upgrade

Upgrading a platform can feel like a large and complex project, but we at 3bits have extensive experience in keeping an e-commerce solution up-to-date. We carry out several such projects every year, and with a well-thought-out process, you can be sure that your solution is up-to-date and better prepared.

Personal login for Textilhuset makes it easier for customers

To make it easier for customers, a personal login has been created for Textilhuset's web shop. An appreciated solution for those who have assignments in several different businesses and can easily order for several. And also, for those customers who have several people who place orders who now no longer need to share an account but can have their own shopping carts and personal passwords.

Job Market Day at IT-Högskolan

In October, IT-Högskolan once again organized one of its popular Job Market Days, where we had the opportunity to network with interested students. We are very grateful for the long cooperation we have, where we have had the chance to hire several talented employees over the years.

Partnership with Contentful

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Contentful to be able to offer a CMS to complement our e-commerce package, 3bits Smart Start, if you choose a platform without a CMS.