Partnership with FACT-Finder

Partnership with FACT-Finder

For many years we have had common customers and worked together with Loop54. We are now happy to continue working with the partnership with FACT-Finder, which after the acquisition of Loop54 offers search, merch and personalization solutions for B2C and B2B e-commerce.

3bits for Musikhjälpen 2022

3bits for Musikhjälpen 2022

We at 3bits think it goes without saying that all children have the right to a safe childhood. Despite that, 42 million children are currently fleeing war and conflict. Many have lost their parents, been exposed to violence and lack obvious things such as a safe home and the opportunity to go to school.

Norce presents the B2B guide

Norce presents the B2B guide

Our platform partner Norce has put together a B2B guide where, among other things, you get tips on what to consider when digitizing product information, perhaps you have no direct presence on the web at all today to speak of - where do you start then.

Round table at 3bits in Jönköping Nov 30

Round table at 3bits in Jönköping Nov 30 and Jan 31

We at 3bits in Jönköping welcome you to an exciting morning where we share knowledge and experiences. How to optimize product data to fit the customer journey and how you can work more effectively with search engine optimization and digital marketing are some of the questions we intend to ask and discuss in a free seminar and roundtable discussion.

Textilhuset punchout

Textilhuset's punchout for e-commerce via purchasing system

For easier ordering for customers who need to place their order through their own purchasing system, Textilhuset's punchout solution was developed so that they can just click through to the e-commerce, where they can easily order from the large assortment that the online shop offers.


Norce - new platform partner

We at 3bits are pleased to welcome Norce as a new platform partner - a Nordic leader in SaaS for commerce. Storm Commerce and Jetshop have merged and now work together as Norce.


3bits develops a new e-commerce together with Cabletronic

Together with Cabletronic, 3bits creates a new e-commerce site based on Litium 8. Cabletronic is located in Stockholm and is a leading supplier of products and solutions in areas such as AV, Broadcast, Medical, Event-Scene-Experience and Process Industry.


Win tickets to D-Congress 2022

On April 28, it's finally time to see you at D-Congress at the Swedish Exhibition Center again! We have 2 free tickets for the day, if you work with retail or brand, go to our LinkedIn or Facebook for the chance to be on site.