Textilhuset punchout

Textilhuset's punchout for e-commerce via purchasing system

For easier ordering for customers who need to place their order through their own purchasing system, Textilhuset's punchout solution was developed so that they can just click through to the e-commerce, where they can easily order from the large assortment that the online shop offers.


Norce - new platform partner

We at 3bits are pleased to welcome Norce as a new platform partner - a Nordic leader in SaaS for commerce. Storm Commerce and Jetshop have merged and now work together as Norce.


3bits develops a new e-commerce together with Cabletronic

Together with Cabletronic, 3bits creates a new e-commerce site based on Litium 8. Cabletronic is located in Stockholm and is a leading supplier of products and solutions in areas such as AV, Broadcast, Medical, Event-Scene-Experience and Process Industry.


Win tickets to D-Congress 2022

On April 28, it's finally time to see you at D-Congress at the Swedish Exhibition Center again! We have 2 free tickets for the day, if you work with retail or brand, go to our LinkedIn or Facebook for the chance to be on site.

3bits supports Sverige for UNHCR

3bits supports Sverige for UNHCR

On March 7 at 3 pm, Hesa Fredrik sounds to test the outdoor warning Important message to the public, VMA, in Sweden. We have informed all employees at 3bits that it is only a test of the system that is done planned 4 times a year. But for our friends in Ukraine, it is no exercise when the alarm sounds.


Rörpojkarna launches web shop

At the end of 2021, Rörpojkarnas e-commerce was launched, which is aimed at professional companies in the plumbing industry, a pure B2B commerce. Rörpojkarna is a well-established company in the plumbing industry. For more than 65 years, they have delivered materials to the Gothenburg region and the rest of Sweden, but also to Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Future e-commerce

What is required for the e-commerce of the future

Stefan and Niklas on 3bits talk about what is required for future e-commerce in a filmed lecture. They share how to think so as not to get stuck in a solution that does not work for the business to grow in. All to be prepared when e-commerce continues to grow.

3bits for Musikhjälpen 2021

3bits for Musikhjälpen 2021

We at 3bits think that it is obvious that all children have the right to a safe childhood. Despite this, 160 million children in the world are currently being forced into child labor. Through Musikhjälpen 2021, we together increase knowledge and commitment to a world without child labor, 3bit's collection box is open all December, thank you for participating.

3bits at D-Congress

Visit us at D-Congress and see a demo of 3bits Blueprint - win a SPA visit

On 28/10, it's finally time for D-Congress at the Swedish Exhibition Center. Feel free to stop by our booth and see a demo of 3bits Blueprint - our foundation for an e-commerce site built on SPA technology for lightning-fast performance. During D-Congress you have the opportunity to win a SPA visit.

What is required for future e-commerce

3bits at Marknadschefskongressen 2021

Now Stefan and Niklas have recorded the seminar for the Marketing Manager Congress (Marknadschefskongressen) on October 19 on What is required for future e-commerce, really fun to invite you to our conversation!