We have services such as PIM, load testing, customer portals and complete solutions for e-commerce. Contact us for more information and details about the different services.

3bits Flow

3bits Flow - a complete e-commerce solution

3bits Flow is a One-Stop-Shop concept where we take a holistic approach to get started or improve your digital business. The concept includes a complete e-commerce where we help all the way, from A to Z.

Customer portals

Customer portals for self-service

We at 3bits have extensive experience of developing customer portals for our customers. At a time when more and more digitalization is taking place, customer portals in various forms are appearing in more and more areas. They also become more functional. Often a customer portal is a web-based solution where customers can log in to access information and be able to perform some tasks that customer service otherwise needs to help with.



With a good PIM solution, you can handle product information in a central system in an efficient way and can ensure high quality information. Regardless of channel or market, you can get an overview and manage the information that helps to sell your products.



To be able to handle large amounts of information where several people are involved in different processes, it is important to have a system that supports the work in everyday life and facilitates collaboration. A DAM - Digital Asset Management, will help you to be able to store, share and organize digital assets for the entire company in an efficient way.


Punchout solution for e-commerce via purchasing systems

Many companies today require that an order go through their own purchasing system and then a so-called punchout solution can be a way to simplify purchasing for this type of customer. Punchout is a technology that enables purchasing systems to collaborate with e-commerce stores.

E-commerce to a fixed monthly cost

E-commerce at a fixed monthly cost

We have developed an arrangement where we can offer a fully customized and integrated e-commerce solution based on Litium, Bizzkit or nopCommerce at a fixed rental cost per month. In this arrangement, you rent the solution for a 3-year agreement and the price includes the entire basic project, ongoing fixes and adjustments for, for example, new browser requirements or legal requirements.

Strategic workshop

Strategic workshop

All our projects start in a strategic workshop. During this workshop, we look at your requirements and needs. Based on this workshop, we map functionality to our platforms and produce a net list of integrations and special functionality that must be adapted. We talk about shape and color, the customer journey and how to think user-friendly (UX).

3bits - get started quickly with e-commerce

Do you need to get started quickly with e-commerce?

As more and more of us in Sweden are asked to avoid physical stores, the need to get started quickly with an e-commerce solution increases if you are not already there. Or it needs to be improved to grow with you.

Automated Penetration Test

Automated Penetration Test

Given that GDPR states clear demands of securing your systems to penetration and data leaks, we will start offering this service as an automated control of vulnerabilities in web solutions.


Load testing

We use OctoPerf as a tool for load tests to create user scenarios, generate loads based on the scenarios and then present the results of the load tests. By load testing, you can both get a measure of the system's limitations, as well as valuable information on how to best use your existing resources.


Payment Integration - Swish

When Swish is launched broadly in Sweden for e-commerce it is evident that e-retailers want to join from the start. By offering Swish as a complement to other payment methods, the customer experience can be even better.

Site Analysis

Site Analysis

Perhaps you don’t have time or possibility to review your site regularly? 3bits can offer our customers a site analysis to review how your site could be even better. Anything from a basic SEO review to a more in-depth word analysis. We also look at functions, design, content, social media, and give tips on trends and inspiration from the e-commerce world.