Customer portals - a web solution with benefits and possibilities

  16 Nov 2020

We at 3bits have extensive experience of developing customer portals for our customers. At a time when more and more digitalization is taking place, customer portals in various forms are appearing in more and more areas. They also become more functional. Often a customer portal is a web-based solution where customers can log in to access information and be able to perform some tasks that customer service otherwise needs to help with.

The customer portal itself can look very different depending on the needs of the company's customers and users. It can be anything from handling invoices, tracking orders, calculating prices, booking resources and following up on projects. A digital tool provides opportunities and benefits that become bulkier if it were instead handled manually via telephone and email. In this way, resources are also freed up so that employees can focus on other tasks and reduce unnecessary administration.

A customer portal is available 24/7 in the same way as e-commerce. We often talk about building solutions that will simplify everyday life for our customers and their customers. This is exactly the case with a customer portal.

Please read more about customer portals and contact us and we will tell you more about our experience in customer portals and other web solutions.


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