Peter Söderbaum 30 Mar 2021

Make information available via APIs

It is very common today that we have information spread over several systems. For a product, we can, for example, have product information in a PIM (Product Information Management), information about sales of the product and price in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning / Business system) and documents and images connected to the product in a DAM (Digital Asset Management).

Choosing e-commerce platform
Niklas Larsson 16 Dec 2020

Choosing an e-commerce platform part 1 - The building blocks of e-commerce

Regardless of whether the e-commerce journey starts from scratch or if it is already underway, the choice of e-commerce platform is a large and important decision. A choice that will affect the company for a long time. In this series of articles, we will try to clarify the concepts and facilitate something in the choice for your, probably, most important sales channel. E-commerce!