28 Aug 2023

Restaffed – the new store experience

Restaffing is an overhaul for the stores where they can create added value with their staffing with the help of new technology. Together with HUI, Swish has produced a report to better understand the digitization of the retail trade. They are looking at how we can work with smart solutions to make better use of resources and increase profitability while improving the service to the customers.

24 May 2021

A personal store front in the online store

When you walk past a store front in a store, you sometimes see something that you get stuck for. This even though the decorator has not done it for me. It could just as well be products that are not at all interesting to me that are displayed. In an online store, on the other hand, there are all possibilities to display a personal store front. The technology to achieve this in e-commerce is easily accessible and ready to be implemented today.

30 Mar 2021

Make information available via APIs

It is very common today that we have information spread over several systems. For a product, we can, for example, have product information in a PIM (Product Information Management), information about sales of the product and price in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning / Business system) and documents and images connected to the product in a DAM (Digital Asset Management).

19 Jan 2021

Requirements for e-commerce in procurement

Every year, the state, the regions, and the municipalities buy goods and services for hundreds of billions through public procurement. Unlike private purchasing, there are regulations that govern how the public sector may make purchases. One of the requirements that has been added in recent years is that e-commerce in some form must exist.

13 May 2015

Our Experience in Integrations with NServiceBus

The reason that we started to work with NServiceBus a few years ago, it that we always have pretty demanding integrations in e-commerce systems where real time in combination with disconnection between different systems is important for the customer experience as well as the demand for up time and stability. The advantages we have seen with NServiceBus is the simplicity in getting the basic structure to work, and instead the focus can be on design of the messages, and mapping of these to respective system.