Peter Söderbaum 27 Oct 2021

Why we work with Elasticsearch

When you build e-commerce solutions with large amounts of products that also have a lot of text and properties that you want to be able to search among, then the requirements for the search engine you choose increase. To be able to provide lightning-fast and good search results to the customer, a high-performance and scalable search engine is required as a foundation of the solution. One solution we have chosen in several major customer projects is Elasticsearch.

Yann Hervy 28 Jun 2021

Single Page Application - for a faster site

With a SPA application, new possibilities open up to further speed up the response time and save processing power on the server. Single Page Application or SPA as we call it in everyday life, is really nothing new. Most people use it every day on, for example, Facebook, Instagram or Gmail. In e-commerce, however, it has not made an impact on a broad front yet and it is mainly in the slightly larger retailers that you find the exceptions.

Sofia Winterlén 24 May 2021

A personal store front in the online store

When you walk past a store front in a store, you sometimes see something that you get stuck for. This even though the decorator has not done it for me. It could just as well be products that are not at all interesting to me that are displayed. In an online store, on the other hand, there are all possibilities to display a personal store front. The technology to achieve this in e-commerce is easily accessible and ready to be implemented today.

10 features I like when I e-shop
Sofia Winterlén 31 Mar 2021

10 features I like when I e-shop

Just as well to admit right away - I e-shop happily and often. And has been in the world of e-commerce for a long time in my professional life. It still feels just as fun and just as right. Although much has happened since I first e-shopped in the late 90s, there is still great development potential today. I often see some smart feature or an innovation or idea that moves the industry forward.

Pre D-Congress 2021
Sofia Winterlén 22 Mar 2021

Pre D-Congress 2021

On March 11, we would gather at the Swedish Exhibition Center in Gothenburg to meet at D-Congress and talk e-commerce. But we have to do that on October 28 this autumn and instead got a warm-up at the Pre D-Congress which was broadcast digitally. Together, we can shape an agenda in a time that is uncertain, where digital is first. The industry has become even more dynamic, companies have had to find their way forward with changing customer behaviours and quick decisions.

UX - e-commerce
Niklas Larsson 04 Jun 2020

UX from an e-commerce perspective

UX - User Experience - the art of guiding our visitors to the completion of their, and our, goals. To convert visitors to customers without losing them along the way. So it's not about color and shape, but how we can influence visitors to navigate and interact with our e-commerce with pace and flow.