10 features I like when I e-shop
Sofia Winterlén 31 Mar 2021

10 features I like when I e-shop

Just as well to admit right away - I e-shop happily and often. And has been in the world of e-commerce for a long time in my professional life. It still feels just as fun and just as right. Although much has happened since I first e-shopped in the late 90s, there is still great development potential today. I often see some smart feature or an innovation or idea that moves the industry forward.

Live video shopping
Sofia Winterlén 07 Dec 2020

Live video shopping

Svensk Digital Handel invited to a webinar to talk about one of the trends we are looking at right now - live video shopping. Tom Xiong, who is one of the founders of The Digital Dragon, a podcast that addresses digital trends in the East that will affect the West, went through how the trend is growing in China and has made its way to Sweden.

28 Sep 2016

Trends and Reflections from Global e-Commerce Summit Part 2

A lot of exiting ideas where presented at Global e-Commerce Summit in Barcelona in May, where new technology has been used to make the shopping experience better for customers in the fashion industry. Technologies with advanced and fast image processing, large touch screens, and VR was presented a nice and considered concept in form of interactive “mirrors”.

Stefan Winterlén 07 Dec 2015

Reconnaissance for e-commerce 2016

We can soon put another fantastic e-commerce year behind us. Increases in percent similar tto the previous years, but probably a much stronger finish than before. No one could have missed both the number of retailer catching on to the trend with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the sales increase these days have created in several ways.

Spanish Fashion
Stefan Winterlén 26 Sep 2014

Spanish Fashion Online

Barcelona is a city that always fascinates. The design is present both in the buildings and the clothes. At Global e-Commerce Summit in June, Spanish fashion brands Adolfo Dominquez and Desigual shared some of their strategies to sell fashion online that helped them be successful. They are bold when it comes to e-commerce, and have succeeded.