28 Jun 2021

Single Page Application - for a faster site

With a SPA application, new possibilities open up to further speed up the response time and save processing power on the server. Single Page Application or SPA as we call it in everyday life, is really nothing new. Most people use it every day on, for example, Facebook, Instagram or Gmail. In e-commerce, however, it has not made an impact on a broad front yet and it is mainly in the slightly larger retailers that you find the exceptions.

07 Dec 2015

Reconnaissance for e-commerce 2016

We can soon put another fantastic e-commerce year behind us. Increases in percent similar to the previous years, but probably a much stronger finish than before. No one could have missed both the number of retailer catching on to the trend with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the sales increase these days have created in several ways.

22 Dec 2014

MasterPass – the Wallet you Always Carry Around

Mastercard’s digital wallet MasterPass will be launched in Sweden during Q1 2015, you can already submit your interest if you want to take part of the pilot testing. Over 40,000 web stores around the world already use the payment option that can give the mobile commerce the extra push that is needed having the number of tablets and smartphones that are available around Sweden.

17 Jun 2014

Do you have Swish?

I don’t remember when I first got the question if I had Swish the first time, I had never heard of it before. Now, I often ask the question myself, since it is easy to manage payments, you see that the money goes to the right person and it is visible immediately, just as it should be. As someone said, it is like cash, but better. So, do you have Swish?