06 May 2022

D-Congress 2022 – E-commerce as entertainment

At a crowded Swedish fair in Gothenburg, 2400 gathered at the D-Congress on April 28 - everyone we met was more than happy to finally meet physically and talk e-commerce. The theme was E-commerce as entertainment where we got to listen to inspiring speakers on different stages and the opportunity to meet customers and partners.

22 Mar 2021

Pre D-Congress 2021

On March 11, we would gather at the Swedish Exhibition Center in Gothenburg to meet at D-Congress and talk e-commerce. But we have to do that on October 28 this autumn and instead got a warm-up at the Pre D-Congress which was broadcast digitally. Together, we can shape an agenda in a time that is uncertain, where digital is first. The industry has become even more dynamic, companies have had to find their way forward with changing customer behaviours and quick decisions.

16 Dec 2020

Choosing an e-commerce platform part 1 - The building blocks of e-commerce

Regardless of whether the e-commerce journey starts from scratch or if it is already underway, the choice of e-commerce platform is a large and important decision. A choice that will affect the company for a long time. In this series of articles, we will try to clarify the concepts and facilitate something in the choice for your, probably, most important sales channel. E-commerce!