28 Sep 2016

Trends and Reflections from Global e-Commerce Summit Part 2

A lot of exiting ideas where presented at Global e-Commerce Summit in Barcelona in May, where new technology has been used to make the shopping experience better for customers in the fashion industry. Technologies with advanced and fast image processing, large touch screens, and VR was presented a nice and considered concept in form of interactive “mirrors”.

26 Sep 2014

Spanish Fashion Online

Barcelona is a city that always fascinates. The design is present both in the buildings and the clothes. At Global e-Commerce Summit in June, Spanish fashion brands Adolfo Dominquez and Desigual shared some of their strategies to sell fashion online that helped them be successful. They are bold when it comes to e-commerce, and have succeeded.

16 Jun 2014

The Right Way can be the Other Way Around

Returns can be an obstacle for many actors in e-commerce, and the effectiveness of return management is always of interest. Most of the ones that I have talked to who are sceptical to order clothes and shoes online, says that they want to try it on before they decide. There are those who try to solve it by free returns or an explicit measure table, and there are those who take it one step further and deliver the package directly to the door and stays to bring any returns back in the truck.