Stefan Winterlén 07 Dec 2015

Reconnaissance for e-commerce 2016

We can soon put another fantastic e-commerce year behind us. Increases in percent similar tto the previous years, but probably a much stronger finish than before. No one could have missed both the number of retailer catching on to the trend with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the sales increase these days have created in several ways.

Change work
09 Sep 2015

What Brakes and What Creates

This article is a reflection of a theme that 3bits often comes across when we discuss e-commerce with our customers. It is important in the change work with e-commerce to balance the business’ strengths and weaknesses. To work with both where the strengths are most important to the business’ road forward, and also the most challenging.

24 Jun 2015

The Future B2B Commerce Part 3 - The Informed Customer

Whether we want to admit it or not, we have been information dependant – the constant information hunt has become a behaviour. It is natural to google a question on the smart phone, tablet or computer, and the page who gets to answer the question is the winner. For those of you who sell online, it is not only important to be in the top search result, but really display the right image of the product to your customers.

Stefan Winterlén 13 May 2015

Our Experience in Integrations with NServiceBus

The reason that we started to work with NServiceBus a few years ago, it that we always have pretty demanding integrations in e-commerce systems where real time in combination with disconnection between different systems is important for the customer experience as well as the demand for up time and stability. The advantages we have seen with NServiceBus is the simplicity in getting the basic structure to work, and instead the focus can be on design of the messages, and mapping of these to respective system.

Ola Linde 06 May 2015

The Future B2B Commerce Part 2

Why go digital? The answer is quite simple. You should do it to make more money, and you do that if the potential customers places the order with you. To go the digital way opens up for the possibility to offer new types of services that are possible otherwise. And the customer is not the only winner here.

Sofia Winterlén 31 Mar 2015

The Future B2B Commerce Part 1

Even if the change is massive and demands investments, and obstacles will arise, the entire business can be jeopardized if the transformation to a modern B2B commerce is too slow. It is not an easy task, to handle complicated product and price information, often over multiple pages, systems, and even different currencies and markets. How does your company prepare for this challenge?