07 Dec 2020

Live video shopping

Svensk Digital Handel invited to a webinar to talk about one of the trends we are looking at right now - live video shopping. Tom Xiong, who is one of the founders of The Digital Dragon, a podcast that addresses digital trends in the East that will affect the West, went through how the trend is growing in China and has made its way to Sweden.

28 Aug 2014

Online Reviews – Yes, Please

If you have really good products, online reviews can be a gold mine, if a product has any flaws, this will be discovered, and hopefully lead to actions, negative reviews can also help you sell more. Most of us read reviews, and we know that they affect the buying decision. It is like getting a tip from a friend, but in this case, you don’t have to be acquainted with the one who shares their opinion.

18 Mar 2014

Storytelling in e-commerce, Part 1

We love stories! The occurrence of storytelling is as old as human beings. We see that storytelling has the same grip of us now as for thousands of years ago every day with our enormous consumption of movies, book, games and not at least commercials. You create an extra dimension for the customer’s experience by writing a story about a product, a trade mark, or a company.