06 May 2022

D-Congress 2022 – E-commerce as entertainment

At a crowded Swedish fair in Gothenburg, 2400 gathered at the D-Congress on April 28 - everyone we met was more than happy to finally meet physically and talk e-commerce. The theme was E-commerce as entertainment where we got to listen to inspiring speakers on different stages and the opportunity to meet customers and partners.

27 Oct 2021

Why we work with Elasticsearch

When you build e-commerce solutions with large amounts of products that also have a lot of text and properties that you want to be able to search among, then the requirements for the search engine you choose increase. To be able to provide lightning-fast and good search results to the customer, a high-performance and scalable search engine is required as a foundation of the solution. One solution we have chosen in several major customer projects is Elasticsearch.

28 Jun 2021

Single Page Application - for a faster site

With a SPA application, new possibilities open up to further speed up the response time and save processing power on the server. Single Page Application or SPA as we call it in everyday life, is really nothing new. Most people use it every day on, for example, Facebook, Instagram or Gmail. In e-commerce, however, it has not made an impact on a broad front yet and it is mainly in the slightly larger retailers that you find the exceptions.