Preeti Dulloo 26 Jun 2019

NDC Oslo Experience 2019

In June I got the opportunity to attend the NDC Conference and Workshop in Oslo. The atmosphere over there was magical. You feel like you are totally into some another world, where every hour, you are getting an opportunity to be with like-minded people and to listen to these imminent speakers.

Peter Andersson 31 May 2019

Shoptalk 2019 – Part 1

During a few days in March, we who work as Business Developers at 3bits visited Shoptalk in Las Vegas. Shoptalk is a gigantic conference for retail held every year in the US. Some of the keynote speakers work at Amazon, Dollar Shave Club, GAP, and Macy’s.

Episerver Ascend
20 Dec 2016

Episerver Ascend 2016

In a snow chaos in November, Episerver managed to hold their event, Episerver Ascend in Ericsson Globe with participants from all over the world, even though the event had a focus on the Nordics. The sessions contained experiences from different projects and partners, how to work, and Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (DXC).