Cyber Monday
Sofia Winterlén 22 Oct 2014

Cyber Monday Comes After Black Friday

Since 2005, Cyber Monday has been a more and more popular digital alternative, or extension to Black Friday, the massive shopping day that takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving in USA. Cyber Monday takes place on the following Monday, this year on December 1. Last year, we saw more and more Swedish e-commerce companies that went for offers and marketing in an attempt to make this long weekend the natural alternative to checking things off the Christmas wish lists.

29 Sep 2014

Experience the Experience

We brought a lot of useful information with us home from several different speakers at Sitecore Symposium 2014, and were inspired by Dietmar Dahmen. One of his recommendations to succeed was to not ask yourself the question ”Why?”, but instead ask the question ”Why not?”.

Colours online
Sofia Winterlén 26 Sep 2014

Which is your Favourite Colour?

During a party this weekend, a bottle of Coca-Cola with a green label appeared on the table. The discussion started immediately, what did the green imply, was it ecological in some way, healthier, or fair trade. All suggestions implied that the content in some form was better than the red original.

Spanish Fashion
Stefan Winterlén 26 Sep 2014

Spanish Fashion Online

Barcelona is a city that always fascinates. The design is present both in the buildings and the clothes. At Global e-Commerce Summit in June, Spanish fashion brands Adolfo Dominquez and Desigual shared some of their strategies to sell fashion online that helped them be successful. They are bold when it comes to e-commerce, and have succeeded.

Online reviews
Sofia Winterlén 28 Aug 2014

Online Reviews – Yes, Please

If you have really good products, online reviews can be a gold mine, if a product has any flaws, this will be discovered, and hopefully lead to actions, negative reviews can also help you sell more. Most of us read reviews, and we know that they affect the buying decision. It is like getting a tip from a friend, but in this case, you don’t have to be acquainted with the one who shares their opinion.

Cart park
Sofia Winterlén 25 Aug 2014

Shopping Cart Park

It is not likely that you will go to a store, select products and then leave the basket or shopping cart and leave, or go to a competing store. It is more common online, and easier. What you can do about the abandoned carts is more difficult. But there is a lot of potential to getting them all the way through the checkout.

Sofia Winterlén 17 Jun 2014

Do you have Swish?

I don’t remember when I first got the question if I had Swish the first time, I had never heard of it before. Now, I often ask the question myself, since it is easy to manage payments, you see that the money goes to the right person and it is visible immediately, just as it should be. As someone said, it is like cash, but better. So, do you have Swish?

Home delivery
Sofia Winterlén 16 Jun 2014

The Right Way can be the Other Way Around

Returns can be an obstacle for many actors in e-commerce, and the effectiveness of return management is always of interest. Most of the ones that I have talked to who are sceptical to order clothes and shoes online, says that they want to try it on before they decide. There are those who try to solve it by free returns or an explicit measure table, and there are those who take it one step further and deliver the package directly to the door and stays to bring any returns back in the truck.